A Complete 2 Year Study Strategy For Your Competitive Examinations

A Complete 2 Year Study Strategy For Your Competitive Examinations

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Finally, you have passed your Class 10th board examinations and are moving into the higher secondary, senior secondary or junior college level. Well, this is the turning point (or say deciding period) for the students who aspire to study for competitive exams or look for opportunities in PSUs and similar avenues.

As the 12th examination nears, the time duration to study/ prepare for your competitive examination shortens. Students tend to start with traditional research on strategies to study for competitive exams.

This article will help you prepare in the best way for the competitive exams you will appear for right after your 12th examination. That being said, you have (just) 2 years to prepare and study for competitive exams. 2 years is enough time for you to prepare if you have the right strategy.  We will help you with that.

Before we begin with the strategy, let’s discuss about some popular competitive exams students opt for after school or college –

  • National eligibility entrance test (NEET)
  • National eligibility test (UGC NET)
  • Joint entrance exam (JEE)
  • Common law admission test (CLAT)


These are also some of the toughest exams in India. So, what are the best books for competitive exams? How do you frame a complete 2-year strategy to study for competitive exams? This blog has it all.

Competitive Exams, govt.job


Let’s get started!

Below are 5 powerful tips to follow for the next 2 years to make your preparation effective:

  Write down your syllabus

The first and foremost step in your exam preparation is to get a thorough understanding of the syllabus. Look for the latest updates in the syllabus as it is subject to change on a yearly basis. Please write it down somewhere, where you can see it all time to stay focused.

A bit of online research can help you find the right syllabus with the right subjects to study. Now, mention the weightage of the respective subjects involved in the exam. Mastering the chapters with high weightage can help you conquer the exam easily. This step will help you set your priorities straight. Online search and a few previous years’ question papers can help you find the format and the most frequently asked questions.

   Know your resources/ books

Now that you know the syllabus and weightage of each chapter, the next step is about organising your study material and resources. Most of you would opt for offline classes for preparation. But, we believe in giving self-study a chance. Give it a try. There are ample resources available online for self-preparation, and yes, you can do it!

Falling for too many books or online websites would only result in you wasting your time shuffling between them. We would suggest having a limited and reliable set of resources. Whether it is NEET or NET, you should try to pick the best books from the numerous options available. You can easily check for UGC NET books and NEET books online and get quick access to them.

You can check out reliable study sources like  Oswal Publishers that have a great collection of sample papers and content for students. These sources will help you ease your study for competitive exams.

    Prepare a timetable (with deadlines)

Once you are sorted with the study resources and syllabus, you have successfully created the foundation for your preparation. Now, comes timetable preparation. We would suggest that you not prepare the timetable for the entire 2 years. Instead, prepare a 1-year timetable for studying and covering the syllabus. The remaining 1 year can be dedicated to mock tests and evaluation.

Well, this is for students who just finished Class 10. If you’ve completed 11th or are in Class 11, plan your study and evaluation cycle effectively so that you can devote adequate time towards study for competitive exams. Plan the timeline according to the time left, know what subjects and topics need more attention, dedicate time for revisions as well

Tips to prepare a timetable that would work:

  • Set achievable goals and weekly targets depending on your capability.
  • Do not go for a vague schedule (just for namesake).
  • Allocate maximum hours to subjects with high weightage.
  • Include sufficient breaks amidst the schedule.

Once you finish making it,  follow your timetable at all costs!   Success in competitive examinations requires discipline and dedication.

  1. Stay focused

This is the most important part while preparing for competitive examinations. It is also a major reason area where students falter. Keep reminding yourself about your motto. Make it clear, about why you want to study for competitive exams and attempt them- ‘To achieve your goal!’

Try to focus on the path. Do not fall for just memorizing things., Instead, understand the concept.   Focus on the right preparation. Give more time to the topics which seem difficult to grasp

Nothing is out of reach!

2. Mock tests

Now that you have studied the chapters and are done with the first half of the study strategy, it’s time for evaluation!

This may include collecting a good set of question papers (of previously held exams) or important questions which can be easily accessed through an online search. While solving sample papers you need to:

  • Create as much of the environment of the examination hall as possible.
  • Choose a chair and a desk, instead of solving the paper while laying on your bed.
  • Set a timer of the given duration for that particular paper.
  • If possible, dress up as if you are actually going for the exam.

These tips will help you lower your stress on the day of examination and provide you with the confidence to perform better. Trusted sources like Oswal Publishers provide collections of useful sample papers and mock tests online for better preparation.

Never ever leave things for tomorrow. Have the discipline and sincerity that will help you reach your goal. Following the above-discussed pointers will definitely drive you towards success. And just like that, study for competitive exams is made easy!

To learn more apart from the article or if you are in need any help in your preparation for exams, remember that Oswal Publishers is always within your reach! You can contact us anytime.

Do share your thoughts in the comment box below.


Good luck with your exams!

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