Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Robot with wooden puzzle
3D render of a robot trying to solve a wooden cube puzzle

Artificial Intelligence

Emerging automation technologies are improving the speed, quality, and cost of available goods and services.

Automation is done via programming, programming is the language of machines, in which we give instructions to the machine to perform certain tasks. For example, when we talk about the washing machine, a programmer creates various buttons on it and each of them is designed for a specific task. In a way, we can say that the programmer has already told the washing machine what to perform to each button in the programming language (as code),if the start button is pressed, start the wash cycle, etc.

When we study about a computer’s features, there is one feature i.e. ‘No Feelings or IQ’; which tells us that a computer cannot take any decision on itself. If we define sum = a-b; then the computer doesn’t have any intelligence to correct the word sum with difference or ‘-’ minus sign to ‘+’ plus sign. It will perform the task as per our instructions.

These scenarios tell us that automation is done on our given instructions. Machines don’t take decisions by themselves.

Today, scientists are aiming to make the computer intelligent so that, it can take decisios on its own. This intelligence is called Artificial Intelligence (AI).



AI is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers which can behave like a human so that the computer can not only make decisions through its programming, but it can also make decisions through its intelligence. The best example of AI is ‘Intelligent Robot’.


We all know that scientists are working on the concept of Artificial Intelligence. But most of the people don’t know that we’re already using it.

For example:

  • Video games that you play with a computer where
    it behaves exactly like a human, and sometimes
    it is smarter than a human.
  • Facebook suggests our friends,
  • Smart cars,
  • Google’s voice recognition app., etc.

AI has a great impact on our lives, and its impact will grow in the coming years.


There are many global companies that have the major role in the development of AI.


Boston Dynamics is one of the companies that developed a promotional robot “Reindeer” which is totally based on the Artificial Intelligence technology. The company uploaded a video that shows three robot Reindeers pulling a sleigh across a lawn.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Many researches have proved that Machine Learning improves the quality of work in any sphere, but can a machine replace a teacher?

We might not see a Robotic teacher within the next decade, but it cannot be ignored that “Artificial Intelligence” is making teachers’ skills and education process better. Various AI programs for education however already exist, and are beneficial for students, schools, and teachers:


  1. For Grading and other automated tasks

    In schools, teachers spend a significant amount of time on maintaining the grading, this time could be used to interact with students, prepare for class, or work on professional development.

    We are not assuring that AI can truly replace human grading, but it’s getting pretty close. It’s now possible for teachers to automate grading; we have some grading softwares available like essay-grading software that is not 100%  AI, but the progress looks promising.

  2. AI-based tutorial programs already existThese can help students through basic mathematics, writing and other subjects. But still a real-world teacher is are required, to give advice to the students, and guide them about the programs that are best for them.
  3. AI is mainly focused on individualized learning.

    These systems respond according to the needs of the student, it tries to behave like a human teacher, like it emphasis on the topic that is difficult for the students, repeating those topics so that the students can understand well, and there is no time restrictions, you can study with it at any time.

The Risks

The fear of Artificial Intelligence is real.

Some people believe AI is improving the future and some believe it is making humanity disappear.  



Elon Musk says global race for A.I. will be the most likely cause of World War III  

On the other hand, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, isn’t panicking. AI, he says, is “on the verge of making our lives more productive and creative.”

So if a great technology is developing, then we should understand and guide the people as to how we can use it to the betterment of our race. 


Tanmi Kapoor
Editor  | Computer Science- ISC, ICSE, CBSE
Oswal Publishers

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