How To Ace Competitive Examination Papers

How To Ace Competitive Examination Papers

Planning to take a competitive exam but do not have a clue as to how to go about it? We hear you!

For many students across the globe, the most difficult part about taking an exam is to leave the exam hall with a smile on the face.

A lot can happen in those couple of hours inside

Are you concerned about your preparation? Are you looking for a good quality practice paper for 2020 exam preparation? Are you unsure about how to go about while in the exam hall?

To beat these exam blues, check out the tips given below:

  1. Polyphasic Sleep – The Student’s Pal!

If and only if you have sufficient time on your hands, give this technique of polyphasic sleep a try!

How does this work? Well, simple. You train yourself to sleep for 4 hours during the night and cover up 2-3 hours of sleep during the day with multiple power naps of 30-60 minutes.


Research proves that people with a polyphasic sleep schedule have higher rates of efficiency and productivity!

Imagine all the things that you can do with that extra sleep time? You can try solving a few practice papers, learn a new language, or do any of the things that you always wanted to do but never really found the time for.


  1. Eat Neat and Repeat

Remember how all those nights of nice dinners that made it difficult to jump out of bed in the morning, thus leading you to lose some valuable time for preparation?

If you are aspiring to crack a competitive exam and are inclined towards scoring a rank, just studying is not going to help. You must eat well and preferably eat smaller portions throughout the day so that your stomach doesn’t absorb more oxygen from your brain.


  1. Planning Is Your Key

Bring a board, a book, a sheet or anything you can stare at multiple times during the day. Plan your study schedule up to the last minute. Even if are not able to follow every line of it, you will at least know what you have missed and why. This will help you with better data for a thorough self-analysis.

  1. Glance through the paper

Once you get hold of the question paper, take a rapid glance from start to end. Get a quick understanding of the regions from where the questions are asked. Identify the easy questions as well as the tougher ones. Identify the questions where you will have to spend more time.  While doing this, you are creating a mini-plan for the next few hours during which you take the exam. Based on this initial planning, set out to face the questions. Finish the easy and less time-consuming ones first and then move on to the other ones.


  1. Time is Value

Once you have entered the exam hall, please forget all those questions you got wrong on your practice paper and all those topics you are not very perfect in. In an exam hall, your time is your only currency for gaining the maximum marks.

When inside, make sure you have allotted a specific amount of time to each question and if you are unable to solve that question within that time, skip ahead.

Once you are done with all the questions you are confident about, you can always come back to the ones you left out.



  1. Envision

Have you heard of Context-dependent memory?

Let us say you are unable to answer a quantitative aptitude question while preparing for your UGC NET. Try to envision yourself in the environment you were in while learning that topic.

It could be your bedroom, your terrace, bathroom, or any other place. If you can remember where you have studied that topic, you are highly likely to remember what you have learned about that topic, thus increasing the probability of getting the right answer.

If you don’t believe us, try this technique while taking your practice papers.

Preparing for a competitive exam can truly take a toll on a student’s emotional, mental, and physical health. In these trying times, you must always remember that a few months of hard work can get you a few years ahead in life. When you keep yourself motivated and keep going regardless of all the challenges that come your way, you are bound to succeed!


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Prepare well and All the Best!

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