How to Make Vision Boards

How to Make Vision Boards

Everyone in this world has some plans in their lives, some feats they want to accomplish. The only difference is, some stay put and achieve their goals while others are led astray after a while. You must also have some plans and ambitions in your life to meet. In this article, we will teach you an interesting way to organize your plans and stay focused on them.

Vision boards or future boards are special space where you can put up all your ideas and goals in an artistic way. It can be a collection of things that motivate and inspire you. Visualization is a powerful way to keep you focused and keep you from getting distracted from your path. Following are some steps to help you create your personalized vision board.

  1. Gather your supplies: First off, you will need a pin board or a chart paper of (Your Choice) size. You will need tape, scissors, glue for sticking cut-outs. Collect some magazines and old books and newspapers for quotes and pictures. You can also use glitter pens, stickers and paints to decorate your board.
  2. Organise your ideas: Sit back and think what you desire the most to achieve in life. You can -ask yourself, ‘where do I see myself in five years?’ Give that idea the center spot on your board. You can surround it with other short-term plans or motivational quotes.

You can have goals of any type, from your personal life to academic performance. Wanting to work in a particular profession, achieving the top position in your class, learning a new language or qualifying an important exam may be your important academic goals. Your personal goals may include saving your pocket money to buy that pair of earphones you really want, trying to wake up early and working out or reducing your junk food intake, etc.

  1. Creating your board: Anything you want to improve or achieve in your life; you can put it up on the board. You can include places you want visit, or the things you wish to own. You can stick cut-outs of famous personalities who motivate you. Make sure to put it up at a place that stays in your line of sight for most of the times of the day, especially when you wake up in the morning.

In short, your vision board should have everything that drives you to get up each day and do your absolute best to take you one step closer to fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of your life. Remember, what you focus on, grows.




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