How to manage your time better

How to manage your time better

This is the time when you all are about to get promoted to new classes. Going a level up also means there will be more books, more syllabus, more tests and exams. Now it is not like you will start getting longer days to cope with your studies; you will still have only 24 hours a day to use.

In case you are up for starting your new class with an organised and well-managed schedule, we have pieced together some of the most effective tips for time management. These will surely help you stay ahead of your peers by managing your time as well as energy in an improved manner.

  1. Pen down the things you have to do: Here is something to add to your daily routine—every morning, pick up a pen and paper and jot down all the things you have to do in that day. Arrange all your tasks in the order of their importance and urgency. Having an organised to-do-list is the surest way of staying on track. Every night, before going to sleep, strike off the tasks you manage to accomplish in that day. This will give you a sense of satisfaction and remind you to finish up the leftover tasks.


  1. Segregate your time: You can also divide your day into large chunks, based on your routine. For example, out of 24 hours, you have to separate about 6-7 compulsory hours for school; after this you can give 7-8 hours for sleep, 4-5 hours for self-study, 1-1 hour each for leisure and lunch and dinner. You can keep the remaining hours free as they generally get used up in morning chores, getting ready, talking to family and other mundane tasks.


  1. Improve your focus: After you have identified your tasks, you must strive to finish them in a pre-decided time limit. All those things that sway your attention from your tasks come under distraction, and distractions should be eliminated. You should give your 100 per cent, undivided attention to your work. While studying, you should sit at a quiet place and keep your mobile phones away or on silent. This. In turn, will improve your efficiency and help you finish your work in time.


  1. Take little breaks: In your study schedule, make sure to assign time for small breaks between two long study sessions. This will give your brain some rest and restore your energy for another round of rigorous learning.

During these breaks, you can get up, stretch yourself and walk around a little, have a snack or simply close your eyes and quietly meditate.


  1. End procrastination: Procrastination is the biggest hurdlein your path to success. In order to manage your time well, you need to get rid of this habit. If you have a daunting task at your hand, it is better to break it into smaller chunks and work on them than just postponing it for later. Slow and steady wins the race, after all!

Follow these tips and watch your productivity increase with time. You can share your with experience with us on

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