Studying online in a virtual group

Studying online in a virtual group

Most of us would agree that group study is more interesting and effective way of studying. It involves a bunch of students sitting together at one place and studying. Study groups are useful because they allow interactive learning and active participation.

But what if you and your study buddies could do this from the comforts of home? Such a study group that can be formed online, over long distances is known as virtual study group. They are proven to be as effective as the conventional study groups. They are beneficial for each member as they allow individual participation, clearing doubts via meaningful discussions and most importantly a friendly support system. All of this gives a boost to the understanding and memorizing potential of the students.

Steps to create an effective virtual study group

  • Before anything else, you need to identify a set of friends who have the same syllabus and goals as yours. It would be best if you kept your study group small, not more than 8-10 people. Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth!
  • Next, fix up a time table that is suitable to all the members. Everyone should be familiar with the topic to be discussed in the group. You can also assign each member of the group to prepare a topic in advance. This could be helpful in group doubt-clearing sessions.
  • After this, you need to fix a digital platform where you can organise your study session. ExamTime and Thinkbinder are some of the dedicated websites for this use. You can also use common text and video communication apps like WhatsApp and Skype to gather all the members at one place for the purpose of study.
  • To make your virtual study sessions more productive, you can lay down some ground rules. For example, the members will hold only study or topic-related discussions in the group; everyone will have to be present on time in the group for study and so on. After a topic has been discussed, all the members should prepare notes for revision and share them in the next session. In the final round, you can hold a special quiz session in which all the members can participate and access their level of understanding of the topic.

Online study groups are the surest way to encourage team spirit and problem-solving skills of students. They help in overcoming the common problems of procrastination, laziness and distraction that come with individual study sessions. So, when you have to prepare for your next test or exam, organise an online group study session with your friends and study smart to obtain the perfect score.

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