Top 10 Self-Study Tips for Competitive Exams to Get your Dream College

Top 10 Self-Study Tips for Competitive Exams to Get your Dream College

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What is the best path to crack the competitive exams to get into your dream college? Coaching or self-study? You are all very well aware of the mushrooming growth of various coaching institutes in every nook and corner of our cities. But, that doesn’t diminish the importance of self-study.

You must always have an excellent strategy for self-study whether or not you take coaching for online exams for competitive exams. No matter how many hours you put in for attending rigorous coaching for preparation for competitive exams, all of it is a waste if you don’t take out some time for self-study.

Self-study can indeed bring you success in competitive examinations.  Don’t be ridiculed at the hands of those who are taking coaching. Remember that there are various success stories of aspirants who have cleared competitive exams with no coaching at all.

So, let us discuss some valid tips for self-study for competitive exams.

  • Maintain high Focus:

Stay focused and do your preparation in an organized manner to excel in various competitive exams. Focus on your dream college and then work towards your goal with full dedication. You must be aware of which exams you need to crack in order to get a seat in your dream college.

  • Know your syllabus well:

Always remember that it’s not about studying hard but studying smart and studying the right things. Before starting your preparation, try to spend a couple of hours understanding the syllabus. If you are preparing for multiple competitive exams, try to compare and find out the overlapping syllabi of those exams. This will give you a fair idea of what portions to focus on. For example, Quantitative Aptitude is one of the major portions for most competitive exams. So, you may want to dedicate more time to this topic.

  • Buy the relevant books:

Once you have understood the entire syllabus for the competitive exams that you want to take, do some research on what books to purchase. There are several books available in the market. But buy only the ones that you need. Always remember that you’re buying the books to study well and not to open a library! Some of the best books for competitive exams are English for Competitive Exams, Book for Essays, Quantitive Aptitude. If you are preparing for the NET exam, you should practice NET exam papers from books such as OBJECTIVE UGC NET – PRACTICE PAPERS.

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  • Have an effective study plan:

Let’s face it! We don’t have a fairy to make our wishes come true. For our wishes to come true, it is imperative to plan and prepare well in advance. Having an effective study plan will not only bring discipline but also make the task at hand very easy and effective. Make a personalized study plan that is customized to your own needs. Make sure it has enough breaks for you as well.

  • Follow a personal Time table:

Having a personal time table will not only help you plan your day well but will also help you stick to a routine. With a time table, you can track your progress well and focus on your weaker subjects. It will also allow you to have enough room for revision. And you’re well aware of the fact that studying without revision is redundant. Never forget to have ample time in your time table for revision.

  • Have an ambient environment:

Having a space dedicated for work will train your brain so that your brain will help you stay in its most productive when you are working in that space. Avoid sitting on the bed while studying. In this way, your cognitive skills will become enhanced and you will be able to process complicated information with ease.

  • Avoid any distractions:

In the time slot which you have dedicated for your preparation for competitive exams, stay away from your cell phones, social media, etc. Avoid meeting your relatives during that time. Keep your phone on silent mode and turn off your notifications in order to avoid any sort of disturbance. Cutting down on loud and unnecessary noise will help you in concentrating better.

  • Practice Mock Tests:

You must have heard that practice is the key to success. Therefore, it is crucial to practice a lot of mock tests so that you are well aware of the pattern that the exam follows. In this way, you can equip yourself better while answering the paper. This will also help you in the identification of your weak areas and managing your time better.

  • Make your own notes:

Initially, note-making will take a lot of time but it will help you revise easily and effectively in the long run. Also, various studies have shown that when you write and learn, you learn and remember more.

  • Stay positive:

Don’t let anxiety overtake you. Stay positive. Make some time for your hobby in your daily schedule. Get yourself some physical activity and breathing exercises. Don’t deprive yourself of healthy food and good sleep. Doing so will only lead to stress. Take good care of yourself by inculcating healthy habits.

So, are you all geared up to do self-study for the competitive exams you plan to take? The best part about self-study is that you can have your own methodology and you can cover the syllabus at your own pace. You can have your own deadlines and track your performance better. We wish you all the best for your exams! Cheers!

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