You know what to study, but do you know how to? A guide on how to learn

You know what to study, but do you know how to? A guide on how to learn

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Examinations play a very important role in a student’s life. Exams evaluate a student’s knowledge and help them know the status of their studies and plan for an appropriate career. Further, it helps to identify the gaps in learning and opens up further methods for improvement. Examinations prepare the students for the future and strengthen their intuition. Above all, they help students acquire skills such as punctuality, time management, power of tolerance, and resolution.  Board examinations (CBSE / ICSE) set the foundation for a student’s glorious future. Being a highly important test of merit for students, comprehensive guidance is a must on “how to study” and prepare for board and competitive examinations to the best of their abilities.

Usually, students opting for science as their mainstream subject start to prepare for various quantitative aptitude tests alongside their board exam preparations. A quantitative aptitude test is an important constituent of many competitive exams. It has been observed that students are well guided on “how to study” for their competitive examination because apart from study material and worksheets there is a complete consultation on how to prepare well for such as quantitative aptitude test. But when CBSE or ICSE Examinations are taken into consideration, there are many books, references, mentoring given to them on what to study but there is no assistance provided on “how to study”. Students who have opted for science and are preparing for subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology require a well-organized path to “how to study” that can be adhered to while preparing for board examinations.

For effective preparation with respect to CBSE / ICSE examinations, the following books by Oswal Publishers   are instrumental for the students as a guide on “how to learn.”

  • Study Smart Guide Book (CBSE Class 10)
  • Complete Course Book (ICSE and ISC English and Hindi)
  • Fundamentals Of Physics (CBSE Classes 11 and 12)
  • Objective NEET Series
  • Fundamentals Of Chemistry (CBSE Classes 11 and 12)
  • Fundamentals Of Biology (CBSE Classes 11 and 12)

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The books referred above by Oswal Publishers not only provide lesson plans but also chart out the right path to be followed to prepare in the best manner for the said examinations. Every student is capable of preparing and following a new method of learning e for clearing examinations. Examinations are not only restricted to merits in terms of percentage but the whole experience of learning new ways that make the “board exam” and “quantitative aptitude” exam preparation a more gaining and learning experience, which is the ultimate key for achieving knowledge at the earliest.

Some useful tips and tricks on “how to study” are mentioned below :

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  • Reading is a powerful practice that enables us to improve things like thinking ability and concentration.
  • Learning and questioning for every student is a self-motivating journey of gaining knowledge. Having a curious and attentive mind is the key to achieving success in one or several subjects.
  • Relaxing and rebooting are crucial for any student to remain productive while preparing for an examination. Overloaded sessions and all-night study without adequate sleep can lead to a significant decrease in academic performance.
  • The actual test of learning is based on the ability to transfer the knowledge acquired; if the student gets into the practice of teaching the concept he/she learned to a friend, this will help them retain their knowledge and identify loopholes if any.
  • 50% learning and 50% recalling is the most suitable tool for preparing for board examination since one has to retain the information they have obtained; therefore, the two go hand in hand.
  • Practising previous years question papers will improve your understanding of topics and help you increase your proficiency n especially in areas such as quantitative aptitude. To gain confidence one can refer to the question paper books by Oswal Publishers and other top-quality sources. While studying a topic, make sure that you get a proper understanding of it.
  • Create a well balanced time table. Plan to study the most difficult topic (eg: quantitative aptitude) when your mind is in its more fresh state and the easier topics when one is less productive.

Let’s Know Oswal

Oswal Printers and Publishers was founded in the year 1985 by Mr Mukesh Jain with a mission to provide supreme quality educational resources to students. Over the past 3 decades, they have focused on developing quality academic material that will support and assist students and teachers towards their aim of scholarly brilliance. They have been known for their deeply researched effective, study material that caters to various National and Regional Academic Boards in India (CBSE / ICSE, State boards such as  Maharashtra, UP, HP etc). In terms of maintaining quality and standards, the editors, authors, and advisers of the publication house do not settle for any comprise. Oswal Publishers work in perfect synchronization as an unit to create the study materials after doing proper research and editing, factoring in the latest curriculum and releasing titles that will give complete coverage of the topic in a way that is beneficial for learning.

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